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What is Project DELTA?

What is Project DELTA?

Project DELTA develops a game-changing blockchain protocol known as "DELA Portal" that solves the problems and limitations of the existing blockchain protocols and provides an optimal solution for convergence with the data-driven technologies that will emerge in the Fourth Industrial Revolution era.

Our Solutions

Pain Points

Who owns data?
  • By 2025 big data is expected to increase to 163 ZB worldwide,
    which is 10 times the total amount of data generated in 2016.
Big Data or just a mess?
  • The current blockchain protocols are unable to manage the amounts of data generated at an unprecedented scale due to the waiting time for nodes to receive the coin reward.
AI system
  • Limitations in the existing blockchain protocols ultimately hamper the creation of an active DAPP ecosystem.

Our Solutions


  • Time is essential. Our real-time confirmation mechanism makes blockchain truly marketable through all kinds of businesses

Game-changing Governance

  • Our protocol nodes run on business-driven benefits instead of coin-based rewards

Easy and Dynamic

  • DAPP development can’t be easier with us thanks to our widgets. Cross-reference between DAPPS allows a dynamic ecosystem


DELA Economy

Dela is the crypto currency to be used in various ways on the DELTA ecosystem. It yields a high growth potential, particularly in Asian markets.


Token Sale

What is Project DELTA?

Soft Cap : 500 BTC

Hard Cap : 5,000 BTC

Accepted Purchase Method : BTC, ETH

Cost of 1 DELA token

-1st Round : 1 BTC = 700,000 DELA

-2nd Round : 1 BTC = 500,000 DELA / 1 ETH = 16,000 DELA

Min. Personal Cap : 0.05 BTC / 2 ETH

Know your Customer (KYC) Yes, To receive the acquired DELA tokens, all participants must complete KYC process.

Buy Tokens

What is Project DELTA?

DELTA Knowledge Hub

Project DELTA’s first DAPP :
A game changing user experience

DELTA Knowledge Hub in the Asia Pacific Region

80% of the content found on the internet is provided only in the top six languages (Particularly English comprises 55%).
Project DELTA aims to build an online knowledge platform in the Asia Pacific region where the population is large, but their languages are
poorly presented on the internet: Indonesia’s population is 250 million; Vietnam 100 million; Thailand 70 million, etc.


Q1 2018

  • Proof of Concept
  • Team Set-Up

Q2 2018

  • Open Project DELTA website
  • Start the development of DELTA Blockchain Protocol

Q3 2018

  • Finalize Whitepaper Ver 1.0
  • Pre-promotion : Bounty, White List, etc
  • Build Business Partnership

Q4 2018

  • Token Sales
  • Update Whitepaper with Y2019 Business Plan
  • Finish the development of DELTA Blockchain Protocol
  • Start the development of DELTA Main Net
  • Develop the 1st group of DELTA DAPPs

Q1 2019

  • List Dela in Cryptocurrency Exchange
  • Business Partnership
  • Launch the 1st version of DELTA Main net
  • Launch the 1st group of DELTA DAPPs

Q2 2019

  • Develop beta version of DELTA Knowledge Hub
  • Start Building Knowledge Partnerships

Q3 2019

  • Open the beta version of DELTA Knowledge Hub
  • Develop the 2nd Group of DELTA DAPPs

News and Announcements


Pos Han

Pos HanCEO / Founder

  • Serial entrepreneur, early investor in Cryptocurrency & Blockchain enthusiast
  • Director of Korea Artificial Intelligence Association
  • Expertised in economics and business administration
Josh Choi

Josh ChoiCMO / Co-Founder

  • Programme Lead, International Telecommunication Union
  • Senior Marketing Manager, Daum Kakao
  • MBA, University of Geneva
Ryan Kim

Ryan KimChief Security Officer

  • Security Director, YEGASOFT
  • Intelligence officer. ROKA
Jaekyun Na

Jaekyun NaCSO / Strategy

  • Korea’s first translator of Bitcoin White Paper 2009
  • President, KBB Academia
  • Founder & President , We:sdom Aacademy
  • President, Schema Academy
Aiden BAEK

Aiden BaekCOO

  • CEO, KUNWHI Development Company
  • Project Leader, Intelligent Building ‘DELTA Tower’
WooYoung Moon

WooYoung MoonBlockchain & AI Engineer

  • blockchain & AI Engineer
  • database engineer, Sybase of NASDAQ
  • Live video encode/decode engineer Streambox
  • IT Manager Gillette
HongRok Kim

HongRok KimHead of Communications

  • Blockchain Consultant and Advisor
  • President, We:sdom Academy
Leo Jung

Leo JungPlatform Developer

  • Senior Game Developer & Mobile OS Engineer, MoonBlock
Miri Choi

Miri ChoiWeb Developer

  • AdQUA Interactive Inc. (MEDIANCE)
  • Senior Research Engineer
Sangmin Jung

Sangmin JungSenior Art Director

  • Master Designer, CJ E&M
  • Art Director, 2xchange for BOScoin
  • Master Designer, National Police Agency Equipment Portal
  • Design Manager, Advertising Agency JCC
Zayn Kim

Zayn KimBlockchain Researcher & Developer

  • Ph.D candidate, Electrical Engineering at KAIST
Francis Kwak

Francis KwakDigital Content Mining Developer

  • Data Research & Analysis
  • Data Clustering process
Bonnie Ahn

Bonnie AhnDigital Content Mapping Developer

  • Data Analysis based on TTS
  • Data Analysis & Mapping
Daniel Kim

Daniel KimRisk Analysis Manager

  • Senior Surveillance Operator, Skycity Entertainment
    University of Auckland
Changdae An

Changdae AnSenior Marketing Manager

  • Marketing dept team leader, dalgomi, inc.
  • Planner,Advertising Agency beronz
Youngjae Lee

Youngjae LeeLead Service Planner

  • project manager & business manager, INVESUME,Inc.
Han yeji

Yeji HanBusiness Planner

  • Beijing Normal University, Law
  • Korea-China Cultural Exchange Association
  • Cheil Pengtai Marketing and Managing clients
Kihyun Nam

Kihyun NamMarketing Manager

  • Analyst at AltBuy. Internation Business Team at SMC(Shinheung Machine Company)
  • Business Development Team at DSCM. Junior Consultant at ERM Korea
  • MBA at Warwick University, UK. Environmental System Engineering, Hanyang Universiy
Zani Choi

Zani ChoiPR Manager

  • Reporter, Maeil Business Newspaper
  • Consultant, Brain Commerce
  • Game Business Consultant
David Jeong

David JeongHR Manager

  • Senior HR Consultant, Job Planet
  • Global PR Manager, Dragonfly
  • B.S in Computer Science, Gyeongsang National University
Nicolle Leal

Nicolle LealMarketing Assistant

  • Marketing Associate, Plumbline Life Science
  • Junior Marketing Officer, 247MyTutor
  • M.S., Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
Eunhye Lee

Eunhye LeeFinance Manager

  • Finance Manager, Zigcar
  • B.A. in Management, Kyonggi University


Kyubang Leev

Kyubang Lee

  • Former Secretary of Economy, Office of the President, Republic of Korea
  • Former Secretary of Infrastructure and Transport, Office of the President, Republic of Korea
  • Former President, Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements
  • Master of Economics, Seoul National University
    Ph.D. in Economics, Ohio State University
Inhwan Chang

Inhwan Chang

  • CEO and Vice Chairman, KTB Asset Management
  • Director, Hyundai Investment & Asset management
  • Director, Dongwon Securities
  • Samsung Life Insurance
Cordell Carter

Cordell Carter, II

  • Chief of Staff & Director of Operations, Office of the President, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
  • Executive Director for the Socrates Program, The Aspen Institute.
  • Founder & CEO, TechTown Foundation.
  • Vice President, National Alliance for Public Charter Schools.
Faris Oweis

Faris Oweis

  • UN Blockchain Commission, Smart City Commissioner
  • Vice President Corporate Development, DigitalTown
  • Business Development Manager, CH2M HILL
  • Program Manager, PAE
M. Shakil Thaheem

Shakil Muhammad

  • Deputy Project Director, Cyber Incident
  • Response Team at Government of Pakistan
  • CEO & CO-Founder, Bandz Network
  • Co-Founder, RNS Solm
  • Co-Founder, JatBit
  • Blockchain Expert, IdeoFuzion
Sangjun Lee

Sangjun Lee

  • General strategy planner for Berith ICO project
  • Consultant for membership projects for major financial institutes
  • Expert in business with blockchain technology
  • Consultant for various industrial blockchain companies.
Dr. Walter Tonetto

Dr. Walter Tonetto

  • Co-CEO, Indocoins
  • Vice-Chairman, The Global Blockchain Application Research Foundation
  • VP ASEAN for Digital Town
Jaehyun Lee

Jaehyun Lee

  • Director, Korea Artificial Intelligence Association
  • Developer of AI Mnemosyne Algorithm
  • Developer of jSteem (based on Steem Network)
  • Author of “The Nature and Implementation of the Intelligence”